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El Miércoles 26 de Abril de 2006 19:25, anton feldmann escribió:
> Hi
> Thanks. the prof. said, we have to make a program, which is able to
> write in the mpi.conf file to open a local cluster.

OK, so you are running a MPI-like cluster.

The first step would be to add a mDNS responder to every node in the cluster. 
So, avahi would ask to the network "Hey, is there any MPI node over here?" 
and every node should reply "Hello there, I'm here!".

If you don't do that, Avahi will ask the network "Hey, is there any MPI node 
over here?", but nobody will reply.

(There is a subtle problem with this: there is no registered DNS service type 
associated with MPI cluster nodes. Please have a look at 
http://www.dns-sd.org/ServiceTypes.html )

> We were thinking about, that we have a server client system. the server
> is sending the IP to all the other computer in the network. the client
> system should take fetch the ip in the network and write the IP in the
> file.

So, you suggest to do this:

client  <==(mpi.conf)===  sync server  <===(mDNS)===>  MPI cluster nodes

But I think it would be easier to do this:

client  <===(mDNS)===>  MPI cluster nodes

With Avahi, any computer in the network is able to say "Hey, is there any MPI 
node over here?". In my opinion, there is no need to have a server to sync 
the mpi.conf files of every client.

I guess that the mpi.conf file holds a list of hostnames/IP addresses. In that 
case, the real good (and over-engineered) way to do this is "let's not read 
mpi.conf to know the avaiable nodes; let's see if there are any nodes in the 
network, using Avahi".

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