[avahi] Strange MDNS response from Axis cameras

Iván Sánchez Ortega i.sanchez at mirame.net
Tue Feb 7 05:10:26 PST 2006

El Martes, 7 de Febrero de 2006 13:57, Sebastien Estienne escribió:
> does "avahi-resolve-host-name axis-00408cxxxxxx.local" returns the
> link local ip?

ivan at silverspark:~$ avahi-resolve-host-name axis-00408cxxxxxx.local


> you could try setting a link local address on your host as an alias ip.

Do you mean, something like "ifconfig eth0:0 169.254.whatever.whatever" ? That 
doesn't look like a clean solution IMHO... I'd like to be able to get the 
static IP in a direct way... :-/

By the way, these toys seem to use Apple's mDNSResponder 58.3, according to 
the manufacturer [1]. I wonder is this behaviour is also found on Macs...


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