[avahi] Strange MDNS response from Axis cameras

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Wed Feb 15 07:23:00 PST 2006

On Fri, 10.02.06 10:54, Iván Sánchez Ortega (i.sanchez at mirame.net) wrote:

> So, IMHO the algorithm to decide whether to choose the static or the 
> link-local address from a pool of addresses should be intelligent enough to:
> - - Discard non locally routable addresses.

This is not an option, since it's fine to refer to external IP
addresses with local host names. (such as creating a local name
"debian.local" pointing to your local Debian mirror, like

The way to go is probably just to favor local IP addresses over non-locals
if both are available.

I guess I will implement something like this:

1. if a local/non-IPv4LL address exists, use it, quit
2. if a local/IPv4LL address exists, use it, quit
3. otherwise use what is left

If I understand you correctly this algorithm is compatible with those
AXIS cameras you were talking of, right?

> I agree with Marc: link-local addresses ( are preferible than 
> static addresses.

I don't think so. In my LAN I use IP addresses from the range
192.168.50.x and would prefer I they are used instead of the
169.254.x.x addresses.

> Or, avahi could add the relevant entry to the routing table (if there isn't 
> already a way to route traffic to link-local addresses), in order to comply 
> with RFC 3927*. This way, after I run avahi-browser (or whatever), I could 
> automagically use services on devices with a link-local address.

If you want compliance with RFC 3927, you're probably better off
installing an IPv4ll implemntation, such as Anand Kumrias "zeroconf"
package. (yes, that package has a stupid name!)



apt-get install zeroconf


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