[avahi] Patch for bug id 5410: Error in LookupFlags for .NET bindings

Patrick Aussems paussems at dti-be.com
Mon Jan 9 05:17:48 PST 2006

Hi all,

I reported a bug two weeks ago, with a simple patch to solve the problem, and 
was a little bit dissapointed to see that it hasn't been committed to svn 
yet. On the new homepage for the project I've seen that patches could be sent 
to the mailing list so here it is:

Description: When using the .NET bindings of avahi, if UseMulticast is set 
when resolving a service the txt records are not returned

Origin: Error in the LookupFlags declaration


Index: avahi-sharp/Client.cs
--- avahi-sharp/Client.cs       (revision 1046)
+++ avahi-sharp/Client.cs       (working copy)
@@ -86,7 +86,8 @@
     public enum LookupFlags {
         None = 0,
         UseWideArea = 1,
-        UseMulticast = 4,
+        UseMulticast = 2,
+        NoTxt = 4,
         NoAddress = 8


Patrick Aussems, DTI sa

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