[avahi] Avahi scope?

Trent Lloyd lathiat at bur.st
Sat Jan 14 18:20:57 PST 2006

On Sat, Jan 14, 2006 at 05:07:31PM -0500, Lee Cullens wrote:
> Lee Cullens wrote:
> >Avahi scope?
> >...................................................................
> >P4 with Debian Etch (testing), kernel 2.6.12-1-686 (2.6.12-10), Gnome 
> >desktop
> >PMac G5 running OS X Tiger (10.4.3)
> >New to Linux and putting up a no doze Linux & Mac LAN
> >...................................................................
> >
> >I've installed netatalk on my Linux box, and now can access and move 
> >files into and out of a shared directory on the Linux box from my Mac. 
> >In order to discover the Mac and a printer on the Mac from the Linux 
> >box, I found instructions that included installing mdnsresponder and 
> >howl-tools on the Linux box. 
> >The Debian packages included mdnsresponder but not howl-tools which I 
> >understand isn't being maintained anymore.  As I'm sure you already 
> >know, I instead found Avahi on Debian and that's not the 0.6.3 
> >version.  So in reading through the material for Avahi I see an item 
> >in the FAQ about not running multiple mDNS responders.
> >
> >I'm not exactly sure, but it seems to me that if I use Avahi I should 
> >not also use mdnsresponder - i.e. that Avahi replaces the combination 
> >of mdnsresponder and howl-tools.  Is this layman interpretation correct? 
> >If so, I guess my next step is to figure out just what I need of Avahi 
> >and try to build and install the latest 0.6.3 version, rather than the 
> >Debian 0.6.1 version that might have a problem?
> >
> >Thank you,
> >Lee C
> >
> Never mind.  I found where Avahi conflicts with mdnsresponder.  The 
> problem is that if I were to remove mdnsresponder and install Avahi then 
> I would need dbus rather than dbus1  which would in turn wipe out at 
> least the majority of my testing version Gnome desktop.  It may be that 
> such could be done with the unstable Gnome desktop, but I don't want 
> move whole-hog to unstable because that would undoubtedly lead to more 
> issues.  Yet another catch-22 :-( 

That has nothing to do with mdnsresponder.

Avahi requires dbus 0.3 or above, debian probably still has 0.2 in
testing and so you cannot install it without upgrading it, which can
only be done in i think unstable, maybe even experimental.

The conflicts with mdnsresponder are due to the need to listen on the
same port and that sort of thing.  Avahi can replace both mdnsresponder
and howl-utils (well, i dont know exactly of the utils in howl-utils,
but we have most usefull things, publish-service, etc) You can even make
use of the Bonjour or Howl API using programs using our compatability


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