[avahi] [ANNOUNCE] Avahi 0.6.4

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.de
Sun Jan 15 06:50:16 PST 2006

Avahi 0.6.4

This is a bugfix release and adds a new event loop implementation to
avahi-common's public interface.
 * avahi-common: add new AvahiThreadedPool event loop implementation
 * avahi-sharp: compatibility with newer mono versions
 * avahi-publish-service: don't ignore the port number specified
 * avahi-sharp: correct some flags definitions

This release is backwards compatible with Avahi 0.6, 0.6.1, 0.6.2 and

A quick introduction how to use the new AvahiThreadedPool interface is
available in our Wiki:


Get avahi 0.6.4 here: http://avahi.org/


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