[avahi] FreeBSD Port: avahi-0.6.4

Josh Finlay montarotech at optusnet.com.au
Sun Jan 22 07:12:47 PST 2006


Having issues with the net/avahi port.
Recent ports tree

The avahi-discover-standalone is segfaulting
Among other issues.

I have spoken to the avahi developers and they are curious as to whether 
issues about avahi have been reported before, because to their knowledge the 
FreeBSD port was working flawlessly. After contacting them they attempted an 
installation of avahi from ports on fresh FreeBSD systems (various versions 
from 5.4-6.0) with failing results.

If you would provide feedback on any other problems/issues relating to avahi 
among users, myself and the avahi developers would be most appreciative, and 
advice on whether a PR should be filed relating to this or not.

Kindest Regards,

Josh Finlay
Montaro Technologies

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