[avahi] Mac OS X and Debian Linux LAN implementation write-up

Lee Cullens lee_cullens at mac.com
Sat Jan 28 01:02:18 PST 2006

Since Avahi is replacing task-howl on Debian and this write-up mentions 
Avahi, I thought you might like an opportunity to see the preliminary 
version, and maybe edit and/or add to the wording .

as posted on Debian list
Mac OS X and Debian Linux LAN implementation write-up

I have put up a zeroconf (zero configuration a.k.a. Bonjour and 
Rendezvous) LAN involving Macs and Linux boxes and have written up my 
notes with a view towards helping others that may want to do the same.  
It includes a netatalk + howl-tools Linux installation for file sharing 
with Macs, and CUPS printer sharing. 

I would greatly appreciate any comments/suggestions/corrections 
concerning the  the write-up, along with any additional material deemed 
applicable to further help others.  The resulting piece will be offered 
free without commercial content in the same manner that the backup piece 
(in my sig) is. 

The temporary text version is available at:

Thank you,
Lee C
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