[avahi] Avahi and CUPS?

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Tue Jul 25 06:37:31 PDT 2006

On Tue, 25.07.06 09:13, Norman Ramsey (nr at eecs.harvard.edu) wrote:

> Last week I was traveling, and avahi-browse worked perfectly
> in finding printers.  Unfortunately, I could not persuade CUPS
> of the existence of these printers.  Perhaps  I should be asking
> on a CUPS list, but is there some trick to it?  (I thought other
> Avahi users might know.)
> The parts of my /etc/cups/cupsd.conf that I believe to be relevant are:
> # Show shared printers on the local network.
> Browsing On
> BrowseOrder allow,deny
> BrowseAllow from @LOCAL
> BrowseProtocols dnssd cups
> BrowseRemoteProtocols dnssd cups
> BrowseLocalProtocols dnssd cups

AFAIK CUPS upstream doesn't support browsing for printers with either
Bonjour or Avahi.

I think Apple ships CUPS with a proprietary patch but it hasn't been
commited upstream. And noone bothered to patch CUPS for Avahi.


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