[avahi] Running client-test in Avahi 0.6.10 on Solaris

Sebastien Estienne sebastien.estienne at gmail.com
Mon May 15 00:40:25 PDT 2006

On 5/15/06, Lennart Poettering <lennart at poettering.net> wrote:
> On Wed, 10.05.06 09:20, Padraig O'Briain (Padraig.Obriain at Sun.COM) wrote:
> > I made the changes in the first attachment to get client-test to run on
> > Solaris and got the results in the second attachment.
> >
> > Most of the changes I made were because printf crashes when a NULL
> > argument is provided for %s on Solaris.
> I guess Solaris' printf sucks, then. ;-)
> The patch you posted is reversed? And it contains some superfluous
> changes (like printing the value of AVAHI_BROWSER_CACHE_EXHAUSTED)? If
> you clean it up I will definitely merge it. In fact I already merged
> the avahi_address_parse() issue, since that's a real bug even on
> Linux. (see http://avahi.org/changeset/1217)
> I don't think client-test is a good test program for your purposes. We
> probably should remove it entirely from the distribution. Instead use
> the the better tested and supported end-user utilities we ship:
> avahi-browse, avahi-publish-* and so on.
the issue with these utilities is that they use dbus, for porting
purpose, it would be nice to have a version of these utilities using
the embedded api

> > I noticed that the name of a service is NULL in
> > avahi_service_browser_callback. Is this what should happen? I was
> > expecting to get "Lathiat's Site".
> I assume that you're talking of these two lines?
> > SERVICE-BROWSER: Callback on 28c58, interface (-1), protocol (-1), event (2), name (NULL), type (_http._tcp), domain (NULL), data (omghai3u) 2
> > SERVICE-BROWSER: Callback on 28c58, interface (-1), protocol (-1), event (3), name (NULL), type (_http._tcp), domain (NULL), data (omghai3u) 2
> These are events 2 and 3. Those are AVAHI_BROWSER_CACHE_EXHAUSTED and
> AVAHI_BROWSER_ALL_FOR_NOW. These are "meta" events that inform you
> that all entries from the cache have been read or that no more
> services are expected to be read in the near feature. They do not pass
> actual data. For more information see:
> http://avahi.org/download/doxygen/defs_8h.html#f7ff3b95259b3441a282b87d82eebd87
> In short: yes this is the intended behaviour.
> Lennart
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