[avahi] Strange stuff with avahi and jmdns

Ole-Morten Duesund olemd+avahi at glemt.net
Fri Nov 10 00:23:39 PST 2006

So, at work we're using jMDNS to easily put together zeroconf-enabled 
java applications. Mostly because jMDNS is pure java so we don't have to 
care about native libraries on different architectures/operating-systems.

However, we're also using avahi on a bunch of machines and whenever the 
jMDNS apps are active I keep seeing this :

Nov 10 08:42:32 bryggen avahi-daemon[354]: server.c: Packet too short or 
invalid while reading response record. (Maybe an UTF8 problem?)

in the logs and I'm wondering where the bug is. It is not an obvious bug 
in our application, jMDNS or avahi. I do however suspect jMDNS, 
especially since it doesn't seem to have changed since release 1.0 Final 
in 2005.

Anyone else seen this?
BTW, this seems to happend when the service-name contains non-ascii 

- Ole-Morten

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