[avahi] avahi-autoipd

chris mcharg chris at outtrack.org
Sat Sep 2 22:00:19 PDT 2006

On 2006/09/03, at 1:03, Lennart Poettering wrote:

> Hi!
> Avahi 0.6.14 will ship with its own implementation of IP4LL
> (rfc3927).

That's great news Lennart.
I think busybox has a reasonably new implementation, but it will be  
great to have a solid/current daemon for desktop users.
It would be nice if the linux distributions pick this up so we can  
have ip4ll as standard.

One thing I'd like to note (something I picked up from the busybox  
mailing list), is that if you allow the dhcp client to kill autoipd  
when it sets a routable ip address, it's possible that current tcp  
transmission taking place with the ip4ll address will just be cut.  A  
possible resolution for this was to start the ip4ll daemon on an ip  
alias for the same interface that the dhcp client is trying to obtain  
an address for, and then just leave it running there after the  
routable address is set (It seems that the routable address is  
selected over the ip4ll address automatically?).  Do you have any  
thoughts on this?



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