[avahi] avahi-autoipd

chris mcharg chris at outtrack.org
Tue Sep 5 06:59:40 PDT 2006

Hi Marc

On 2006/09/05, at 4:09, Marc Krochmal wrote:

> These routes only take affect when you have no other routes  
> configured, so as long as you have a router address configured,  
> these entries will not be used.  Mac OS X ships with these routes  
> by default and I've never heard of any reported issues with them.

Plus anyone who has itunes installed on windows has these routes  
maintained as well, right??

Since it's such a good chance, would you mind checking if my  
understanding of the two routes is on track? ...

-- route add default dev eth0 metric 99 --

This makes sure that data bound for routable addresses is dumped via  
eth0 even when we only have a ipv4ll address, as the routable  
addressed host should be able to respond to us.  As such, it only  
needs to be set when we have our ipv4ll address set.

-- route add -net netmask dev eth0 metric 99 --

This ensures that we respond to ipv4ll addressed hosts even when we  
have a routable address set.  Therefore, it should be set by default  
at boot.

I'm still new to networking in general, so there's a good chance that  
the above is not right, but I'm really enjoying getting to know my  
way around just by playing with avahi/bonjour.



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