[avahi] Avahi: Unable To Detect Python Module GTK

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Wed Apr 11 17:18:22 PDT 2007

On Tue, 10.04.07 03:25, chin wan (chinwan at qon.lao.net) wrote:

> Hello


> I try to configure Avahi, but there are error messages:
> 1. The name of python site packages directory is incorrect. It should be:
> "/usr/lib/python...../site-packages"
> But apparently the detection of configure scripts failed.
> "{Prefix}........"
> "{Exec_Prefix}...."

This is the standard automake AM_PATH_PYTHON macro. Hence, if this is
broken for you, it is broken for other projects using automake and
python as well. may i ask what distribution you are using?

> 2. Detection of Python Module GTK: no.
> But there is a sub directory created by PyGTK:
> /usr/lib/python..../site-packages/gtk-2.0 
> There is also a correct file at /usr/lib/pkgconfig/pygtk-2.0.pc
> How the configure script detect Python Module GTK?

This check is done by AM_CHECK_PYMOD, which is another standard
automake macro. In the past we had some issues with this because this
macro basicially imports the pygtk module into a temporary python
script and if that fails assumes that pygtk is not available. However,
importing pygtk also fails if there is no working $DISPLAY
set. Essentially that meant that python wasn't found if avahi was
built outside an X session. i am not sure what debian and the other
distributors did to work around this or if this is still a problem,
but you might want to check if that's what is not working for you.


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