[avahi] FreeBSD 5.4 and IPv6 interfaces: The plot thickens

Bill Trost trost at cloud.rain.com
Sun Feb 4 09:29:04 PST 2007

Lennart Poettering writes:
    On Sun, 14.01.07 17:45, Bill Trost (trost at cloud.rain.com) wrote:
    > Hmm, I started working on this bug (a "FIXME" was a good hint work was
    > needed (-: ) and made an appalling discovery: avahi-daemon isn't even
    > getting informed of the 2002:: addresses on the interfaces.
    > 	fe80:: is not global
    > 	fe80:: is not global
    > 	43aa:: is global
    Hmm, where exactly did you add these printfs? And what exactly do
    they show? They current code sets "global_scope" to one in every
    case, so I am wondering what the output above shows?

Sorry, that output was a bit confusing; I had been adding code to
determine globalness from the interface address in the code that handles
the RTM_ADD message from the kernel. The is/is not error wasn't the
important point; the problem was that I was expecting a 2002:: address
in that list, and it never showed up. I'm worried than FreeBSD (at
least, this version) doesn't generate the real addresses at all, only
the link-local addresses.

    > I'm at a loss -- anyone out there understand PF_ROUTE?

    Unfortunately I am no FreeBSD guy. sebest, Daniel, maybe you can

Probably moot, at least in my case; I'm moving everything over to
Linux anyhow, and this problem is just incentive to move faster.
(-: Currently, I'm exporting the FreeBSD machine's global address
using avahi-publish, which mostly works, although libnss-mdns only
provides the link-local address when its cache is empty, so I get
"connect: Invalid argument" the first time I try to talk to it, and the
second time works fine. That might be construed as a bug with
avahi-publish.  (-:


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