[avahi] Building 0.6.17 on Solaris

Padraig O'Briain Padraig.Obriain at Sun.COM
Fri Feb 9 00:19:32 PST 2007

Ted Percival wrote:
> Padraig O'Briain wrote:
>> I was able to get it to build with the attached patch.
>>  service-types.db: service-types build-db
>>  	$(PYTHON) build-db $< $@.coming
>> -	mv $@.coming $@
>> +	if test -f "$@.coming"; then mv $@.coming $@; fi
> I'm not sure why this is necessary. The change to this bit of code was
> made so that $@ would only be created if the build-db command succeeded.
> It's possible for the build-db command to fail but the $@ file to be
> created, which means if `make` is run again, it will consider the rule
> satisfied.
> I don't see how adding an 'if' around the mv command helps at all.
> Surely the mv command will only be attempted if the build-db command
> succeeds, in which case the $@.coming file will definitely exist. Have I
> missed something?

On Solaris if build-db command succeeds $@.coming does not exist but 
$@.coming.pag and $@.coming.dir do.
> If this is the right change to make, it might also need to be made near
> line 35 where there is a similar service-types.db rule.

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