[avahi] FreeBSD 5.4 and IPv6 interfaces: The plot thickens

Bill Trost trost at cloud.rain.com
Sun Jan 14 17:45:51 PST 2007

Hmm, I started working on this bug (a "FIXME" was a good hint work was
needed (-: ) and made an appalling discovery: avahi-daemon isn't even
getting informed of the 2002:: addresses on the interfaces. The printfs
from iface-pfroute.c's rtm_addr() show the problem:

	fe80:: is not global
	fe80:: is not global
	43aa:: is global
	0a00:: is global
	c702:: is global
	fe80:: is not global
	7f00:: is global
	0000:: is global
	fe80:: is not global

(OK, so I may have gotten 0000:: wrong...). Note the "0a00", which is an
IPv4 alias I slapped on just to make sure it's not aliases in general
causing the problem.

I'm at a loss -- anyone out there understand PF_ROUTE?

Incidentally, I noticed that avahi_interface_monitor_init_osdep asserts
"m" only after having dereferenced it. Better late than never?  (-:


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