[avahi] [PATCH] Crasher in avahi-daemon

Emanuele Aina faina.mail at tiscali.it
Wed May 16 13:38:48 PDT 2007

Using avahi 0.6.18 and SVN trunk I've found a crasher in avahi-daemon 
easily triggerable from normal users using the dbus API, even using 
python, by passing a TXT record with an empty string.

The problem is due to an assert() in avahi_string_list_add_arbitrary() 
triggered by the NULL string even if the string size is set to 0.

This is the python code to trigger the bug:

import dbus, avahi
bus = dbus.SystemBus()
server = bus.get_object(avahi.DBUS_NAME,
entry = bus.get_object(avahi.DBUS_NAME,
entry.AddService(avahi.IF_UNSPEC, avahi.PROTO_UNSPEC, dbus.UInt32(0),
                     "Hello World", "_presence._tcp", "", "",
                     dbus.UInt16(12345), [dbus.ByteArray("")])

Note the [dbus.ByteArray("")] passed to AddService which causes the problem.

I've attached a simple patch that skips the assert() if size is 0.

Complimenti per l'ottima scelta.
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