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It seems that I was trekking down the wrong path, so what is the right
one? There are notes in defs.h about how to publish updates to the txt
portion of service. So what is the recommended method of subscribbing to
these updates? I thought browsing was the way to go, but if there is a
better way can somebody describe it to me?



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On 20/04/2008, at 11:05 AM, Lennart Poettering wrote:

> On Fri, 18.04.08 07:17, Trent Lloyd (lathiat at bur.st) wrote:
>>> What seems to happening is that when the browser registers for a 
>>> service it gets the value from the cache and then the 
>>> multicast_lookup is destroyed before the next update of the record. 
>>> Are there some flag settings that can be set to prevent this? I can 
>>> see the cache_update function being called but the 
>>> avahi_multicast_lookup_engine_notify
>>> does
>>> nothing since the lookup msg has been removed. Though looking at the

>>> code again subscribers are only notified of CNAME changes, so maybe 
>>> I am looking in the wrong place.
>> Currently a Browser does not respond to TXT updates if you want TXT 
>> updates you must keep a running Resolver
> Currently? Not just "currently". This is very unlikely to change since

> the whole distinction between "resolving" and "browsing" is because we

> want to make sure that we don't need to send around all the 
> (potentially huge) meta information about each service that might be 
> stored in the TXT data when a client just wants to get a simple list 
> of services that are available.

Sorry that "Currently" was not actually meant to imply it would change,
it was more a figure of speech.

> So, in short: that browsers don't know about TXT data changes is a
> feature, not a bug. For the sake of minimizing traffic.


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