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James, Neil Neil.James at gdcanada.com
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Thanks for the insight Lennart!



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On Mon, 21.04.08 12:46, James, Neil (Neil.James at gdcanada.com) wrote:

> Hi,
> It seems that I was trekking down the wrong path, so what is the right

> one? There are notes in defs.h about how to publish updates to the txt

> portion of service. So what is the recommended method of subscribbing 
> to these updates? I thought browsing was the way to go, but if there 
> is a better way can somebody describe it to me?

Browsing will only inform you about services that are available, are
coming or are going.

Resolving will inform you about all the meta data of a service, i.e.
everything that goes beyond a mere name: address, port, host, TXT data. 

Usually resolving is a one-shot operation: if a user chose one of the
items from the service list you just resolve it and connect to it, and
the close the resolver again.

However in some situations (like yours apparently) it makes sense to get
notifications about meta data changes (i.e. addres, port, host, TXT data
changes). For these cases you can keep the resolver open. It will then
notify you each time the meta data changes (by raising another
AVAHI_RESOLVER_FOUND) or if this specific service goes away

Long story short: just keep your resolver open and what for more


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