[avahi] Embedded application

David Lambert dave at lambsys.com
Sun Aug 17 16:44:52 PDT 2008

I am new to avahi and am running snapgear with uClibC. After having 
successfully ported avahi daemon, I am looking at a method to interface 
custom applications. I do not have glib or dbus due to the small 
footprint of my embedded application, so the only options I see are:

1) Use the "simple interface" using the avahi socket. I can use this to 
resolve .local addresses, but I do not see how to browse what services 
are available.

2) Use the core api. There are warnings that there should not be more 
than one mDNS application in a system. Is there a way to use the core 
api to only browse what is available and not interfere with avahi-daemon?

3) Any other suggestions?

Best regards,


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