[avahi] Embedded application

Stefan de Konink avahi at ml.kinkrsoftware.nl
Tue Aug 26 10:06:11 PDT 2008

David Lambert schreef:
> Lennart Poettering wrote:
>> For embedded applications it is usually the best idea to write your
>> own tiny mDNS daemon, around avahi-core. Don't use avahi-daemon,
>> don't use avahi-client. Just create a small daemon that registers the
>> host names you want, registers the services you want and browses for
>> the services you want. Such a small daemon would have no dependencies
>> besides avahi-core.
> Lennart,
> Thanks for your suggestion, it looks pretty simple to me based on the 
> core-*.c examples. Where can I find documentation for such calls as 
> avahi_server_add_service()? I have found Doxygen documentation for 
> similar functions such as avahi_entry_group_add_service(), but could you 
> please point me to the definitive documentation if any? Obviously I can 
> browse the source but would prefer to "Read The Fine Manual" ;-)

The examples on the webpage are clickable :P Maybe you didn't notice :)


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