[avahi] avahi-daemon stops working after undetermined period of time

Brian McKee map at map-heb.com
Tue Dec 23 06:46:33 PST 2008

Hi All

First post - let me know if I'm doing something obviously stupid :-)

I'm running a mixed fixed IP LAN of Linux, Mac and Windows machines.

Some of the Linux boxes are running Ubuntu 8.04.1 Hardy.  I'm  
advertising VNC and sftp on those boxes with avahi.  It works fine  
for a while, then stops working.   The VNC advertised by the Macs  
always works.  Doing a 'service avahi-daemon restart' on the Ubuntu  
boxes brings it right back again.

I know 'it quits working sometimes' isn't much of a bug report :-)   
I'd like some suggestions on how I can better determine what's making  
it stop and when.

I did poke thru Trac and Launchpad briefly, and didn't really find  
anything that looked apropos of my issue.

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