[avahi] Discovery of Browsing Domains (Domain Enumeration) in avahi

Ruben Garat ruben01 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 11:49:27 PDT 2008

Hi i´m trying to use avahi as my zeroconf solution in linux, and found a
difference with Mac´s Bonjour in  windows.

i would like my applications to discover what domains may have services
published as described in chapter 12 of the dns-sd draft

For example, i want the different machines to have a dns search path of

and by mydomain.com having PTR records to services.mydomain.com as defined
in the draft, that avahi automatically adds these to the list of configured
domains as it works in bonjour.

i sniffed the network and could not see any query for these records, nor
have i found anything in the code related to this.

i would like to know whether i´m doing anything wrong or if this feature is
not implemented whether is there any plans to do it.

thanks in advance

Rubén Garat
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