[avahi] Announcement: Yet another Avahi-using program: Mandos

Teddy Hogeborn teddy at fukt.bsnet.se
Tue Oct 7 17:07:20 PDT 2008

Hi there; I just wanted all you Avahi folks to know about our project
Mandos' slightly unusual use of Avahi.

The goal of the Mandos system is to enable servers to have an
encrypted root file system and still be able to reboot automatically
without anyone having to be there and type in a password.

What happens is that we run an Avahi service browser at boot time in
the initial RAM disk environment (initrd), before even networking is
configured, to find a server on the local network, using IPv6
link-local addresses.

(The client the connects to the server, which responds with an
encrypted password necessary to unlock the client's root file system,
but this is no longer Avahi-related.)

Since this is run before any Avahi daemon is run, we use Avahi Core.

(The server is written in Python, and uses the normal Avahi libraries
to annouce a service, albeit using the IPv6 link-local address.)

Oh yes, the project's home page:  http://www.fukt.bsnet.se/mandos

/Teddy, Mandos Maintainer Team

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