[avahi] Preventing avahi from dropping link local address when routable address is configured

Williams, Ksatria G KGWilliams at DIRECTV.com
Tue Oct 14 13:09:06 PDT 2008


  I'd like Avahi to maintain the link local address it configured even
when a routable address is assigned. Currently it's being dropped even
if the force bind parameter is used in line 1285 of main.c in
avahi-autoipd. I found an old email thread in the archives that says,
"avahi-autoipd subscribes to network configuration changes and removes
its own address if a routable address is assigned. (Unless --force-bind
is passed)." This message leads me to believe that it should not be
calling unbind on the avahi-autoipd.action script when a routable
address is configured when the force bind parameter was used. Can anyone
verify that adding a check for --force-bind in line 1284 will not break
Avahi or have unintended consequences other than to maintain a link
local address when the force bind argument is used and a routable
address is assigned?
  Ksatria Williams
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