[avahi] Preventing avahi from dropping link local addresswhen routable address is configured

Williams, Ksatria G KGWilliams at DIRECTV.com
Fri Oct 31 09:04:46 PDT 2008

Hi Lennart,
  It turns out this bug was already reported as Ticket #209. I used the
exact same solution in adding force bind to the routable address
configured condition as was already reported there. Sorry for not
checking first.

-- Ksatria

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On Tue, 14.10.08 13:09, Williams, Ksatria G (KGWilliams at DIRECTV.com)

> Hi,


>   I'd like Avahi to maintain the link local address it configured even
> when a routable address is assigned. Currently it's being dropped even
> if the force bind parameter is used in line 1285 of main.c in
> avahi-autoipd. I found an old email thread in the archives that says,
> "avahi-autoipd subscribes to network configuration changes and removes
> its own address if a routable address is assigned. (Unless
> is passed)." This message leads me to believe that it should not be
> calling unbind on the avahi-autoipd.action script when a routable
> address is configured when the force bind parameter was used. Can
> verify that adding a check for --force-bind in line 1284 will not
> Avahi or have unintended consequences other than to maintain a link
> local address when the force bind argument is used and a routable
> address is assigned?

--force-bind should do exactly what you want.

if it doesn't it would be a bug.

Is it possible that you are misinterpreting the output of ifconfig?
Please make sure to use "ip addr" for looking at the IP
configuration. ifconfig is obsolete and shows interfaces with multiple
addresses incorrectly.


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