[avahi] avahi w/fixed IP, ipv6, and Macs?

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Thu Apr 2 09:28:59 PDT 2009

On Mon, 30.03.09 16:36, David Abrahams (dave at boostpro.com) wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a Linux fileserver called hydra on my network with a fixed IP
> address.  I can 
>         ssh hydra.local
> from another Linux box, but not from a Mac.
> Adding an /etc/avahi/hosts file containing
>   192.168.xxx.xxx hydra.local
> doesn't help.  If I pass -vvv to ssh, it appears that the Linux boxen
> connect to hydra's ipv4 address, but the Mac is finding the ipv6
> address.  
> I don't even know how the ipv6 address is getting assigned --- I don't
> set up any ipv6 in hydra's /etc/network/interfaces file --- but it seems
> as though this should all still work.  I realize I could turn off ipv6
> on the fileserver, but I shouldn't have to, should I?

Avahi will return the first address found. If your client app
(i.e. ssh) didn't specify the proto it would prefer it is not defined
whether IPv4 or IPV6 is returned.

You can try connecting with "ssh -4". Or simply configure your sshd to
listen on the Ipv6 interface if you have configured it.

IPv6 is configured automatically by modern kernels unless expclitly disabled.

You can also teach Avahi on the server side to not use Ipv6 (set
use-ipv6= to No -- which is the default except on Debian where the
maintainers decided to set this to yes -- against my explicit requests
and publish-aaaa-on-ipv4=no)


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