[avahi] [ANNOUNCE] Avahi 0.6.25

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Mon Apr 13 19:32:32 PDT 2009



Yes, I suck big time and still haven't merged Sunil's LLMNR
work. But it's going to be in .26. Promised!

This is mostly a release just before the F11 freeze. Contains the
low-risk security fix CVE-2009-0758.

Alexandru Szasz (1):
      Added Romanian translation

Daniel Nylander (1):
      Updated Swedish translation

Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò (2):
      Ignore macro files added by libtool 2.2.
      Remove gettext macro, the package uses intltool instead.

Diego Elio 'Flameeyes' Pettenò (1):
      Don't enable PIC code for all compilation.

Domingo Becker (2):
      updated Spanish translation
      a minor change

Fabian Affolter (1):
      Updated German translation

Lennart Poettering (11):
      Merge branches 'master' and 'master' of ssh://rootserver/home/lennart/git/public/avahi
      include sys/types.h since libcap needs that apparently
      Use send_destination for DBus <deny> rule
      run make update-po
      update LINGUAS
      run make update-po
      Make .desktop files pass desktop-file-validate
      hide more files from git
      bump version and soname
      update NEWS
      update README

Piotr Drąg (1):
      Updated Polish translation

Rob Leslie (1):
      CVE-2009-0758: Reflector creates packet storm on legacy unicast traffic

Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan (1):
      Updated Malay translation

Taylon Silmer Lacerda Silva (1):
      Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation

Timo Jyrinki (2):
      Updated Finnish translation against current git trunk.
      Update Finnish translation against current trunk. All strings translated.

William Immendorf (1):
      add init script for LFS

Xavier Conde (1):
      Updated catalan po

kelemeng (1):
      Sending translation for Hungarian

kmilos (2):
      Sending translation for Serbian
      Sending translation for po/sr at latin.po


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