[avahi] avahi-browser returns IPv6 address rarely instead of ipv4

sundararaj reel sundararaj.reel at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 30 00:53:55 PST 2009

> > How can this behaviour be disabled ?  Setting use-ipv6=no  in /etc/
> > avahi/avahi-daemon.conf ?
> Yes, this should "resolve" the issue.


> Note that if your application only supports ipv4 .. your -application-
> can request to publish on v4 only. (and browse on v4 only) without
> disabling v6 system wide.

How is it done (browse on v4 only)? I could not find an option to
avahi-browse that restricts browsing to ipv4 addresses only and man page of
avahi-browse does not talk about ipv4 . Or am I using the wrong application
to browse for services ?
I am using "avahi-browse 0.6.20".

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