[avahi] Disappearing and reappearing service if a text is changed

Florian Erfurth f.erfurth at reel-multimedia.com
Thu Jun 18 05:03:54 PDT 2009

Lennart Poettering schrieb:
> On Thu, 18.06.09 09:05, Florian Erfurth (f.erfurth at reel-multimedia.com) wrote:
>> So avahi (often) sent IP from eth1 instead of br0. Again, is the 
>> IP-Address of br0 not sent if avahi takes IP from eth1?
> Avahi treats every interface with an IP address assigned
> independently. 
> I am not sure why you run avahi-autoipd on your bridge member ifaces
> in the first place.
You said it. It's not me but my colleague did it. Yesterday I already 
told him not to use avahi-autiipd for bridge-member ifaces. But he 
doesn't want hear me. *sigh*
But thank you very much, I'll talk with him again.

cu Floh

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