[avahi] browsing for services on a specific multicast address

Alon Noy Alon.Noy at ilsemedia.nl
Mon Mar 16 05:46:27 PDT 2009

I don't have any documentation to contribute but I can explain the
A large amount of file servers (it's not really ftp) are being split
into clusters, when a file is added to one server in the cluster it is
being replicated on different nodes within the cluster (for availability
and backup). The construction of clusters gives the possibility to have
different clusters for different purposes on one local network.

If this functionality is not supported on the client side will it be
possible to configure the daemon to listen to a specific multicasting

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Onderwerp: Re: [avahi] browsing for services on a specific multicast

On Fri, 13.03.09 09:09, Alon Noy (alon.noy at ilsemedia.nl) wrote:

> I have a situation like this:
> On my local network I have number of file servers which announce 
> themselves using zeroconf. The servers are being split into groups by 
> using a specific multicast address for each group.
> My question is, how can I use avahi to browse for services on a
> multicast address.
> In my documentation there is an example using Apple tools, according
> this example I can do something like:
> dns-sd -B 225_0_10_100._ftp._tcp
> to browse for ftp services on multicast address
> Can I do this with the avahi client api?

No. This is not supported.

Could you please point me to some documentation of this logic?


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