[avahi] Resolve multiple IP4 Addresses

Daniel Wynne daniel.wynne at mobotix.com
Thu May 7 00:14:25 PDT 2009

Since the documentation in this issue is a little rare I wondered where
to use the RecordBrowser. Does it replace the ServiceBrowser or can I
use it inside the ServiceBrowserCallback to Browse the different service
Please excuse my nescience, but Im pretty new to this.
Or it might be, that I am completely wrong. In this case you should
blame my childish naivety ;-)


On Thu, 2009-05-07 at 09:06 +0200, Daniel Wynne wrote:
> On Wed, 06.05.09 10:02, Daniel Wynne (daniel.wynne at mobotix.com) wrote:
> > Dear Mr. Poettering,
> Heya!
> > I was just playing around a little bit trying to implement a
> > Bonjour-like service on Linux using the Avahi Client API.
> > 
> > The devices I tried to contact answer with several IP4 addresses.
> > Unfortunately the Avahi client delivered always just one address.
> > 
> > Is this an implementation issue, or am I doing something wrong?
> > If it is an implementation issue, is there an easy way to bring Avahi
> to
> > deliver all IP addresses?
> This behaviour is by design. Due to the way mDNS works we can never
> reliably know if we received the full response, i.e. the full list of
> A RRs for a specific hostname. There is no signal that could tell us
> "Hey, you've now received *all* possible replies" which we could then
> use to trigger forwarding of the responses to the clients.
> On Bonjour they fake this behaviour by passing all A RRs from the
> first response message to the user. i.e. they actually do not give you
> the full list of addresses, but only the list of all addresses from
> the first reply (which very often turns out to be the same though).
> I decided not to copy this behaviour in Avahi because it this makes a
> promise we cannot always keep. In addition it is simpler to hand only
> one address back. On the local network it shouldn't matter which
> address is returned as long as it is a valid one. Avahi also goes in
> great length to publish only a single address itself on each interface,
> the one that is most likely the most useful. There is no point in
> publishing more than one and also no need to resolve more than one.
> Usually, applications which rely on the resolving of more than one
> adress are misuing mDNS. Why do you need it in your applicaiton?
> (Nonetheless there is a work around for this issue: If you use a
> lower-leve record browser object you can actually browse for all A RRs
> if you wish to.)
> Lennart
> On Wed, 2009-05-06 at 14:58 +0200, Daniel Wynne wrote:
> > Hi All!
> > 
> > I was playing around a little bit using the client API and wondered if
> > it is possible to resolve all IP4 addresses delivered to the client, not
> > just one.
> > Is there any way to achieve that? As an orientation I used the
> > CLient-Browse example shipped with the Avahi package.
> > 
> > Thanx for your time
> > 
> > Daniel
> > 
> > 
> > 
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