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Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Sun May 10 07:07:48 PDT 2009

On Tue, 28.04.09 11:05, Matt LaPlante (cybrmatt at gmail.com) wrote:

> Please excuse the noob nature of this question, but I didn't see it
> covered in the FAQ.  I run a very mixed environment on my LAN, and
> while I traditionally have used dynamic dns to deal with host lookups,
> it's a definite pain to implement.  The good side of it was that (when
> working) I could have my local zone in my search path and hit any host
> by name from any application.  I've installed avahi to see if mDNS
> could solve my hostname coordination problem across platforms in a
> less monstrous way.  So far it seems to be working superbly, but I
> don't like having to type .local in order to resolve a host.  No big
> deal on occasion, but major overhead when done repeatedly!  Is there a
> way to search the .local domain during lookups so i can just ssh
> [hostname] and have it work?  I do *not* use a .local unicast domain.

We used to support that. But it's a bad idea so it's no longer supported.

The reason is that for mDNS host names that don't exist resolving is
very slow: we need to wait for a timeout to elapse before we assume
that there is no machine on the LAN that owns that name. 


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