[avahi] Avahi 0.6.27

Stanislav Gutev stanislav.gutev at dfki.de
Wed Aug 4 07:28:36 PDT 2010


could someone please explain to me what is the reason for the following
change in avahi-client/client.c:

<     if (!(dbus_bus_name_has_owner(client->bus, AVAHI_DBUS_NAME, &error))
<         dbus_error_is_set(&error)) {
>     if (!dbus_bus_start_service_by_name(client->bus, AVAHI_DBUS_NAME, 0,
NULL, &error)) {

For some reason, when using the second method, the client doesnt find the
running daemon, but if I try it with the previous one, it works properly.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
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