[avahi] reflector over ipv6

bombela bombela at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 05:47:11 PST 2010

Hi everybody,

I'am using the reflector features of avahi over ipv6 network, it's
working really well except that link-local addresses are also
reflected trough others interfaces.

it seem to me that shouldn't be the case, because the link-local
address is totally unusable outside the local link.

It's mean sometimes the name resolution is wrong, using the reflected
link-local IP rather than the network wide IP. When sniffing the
network, I can clearly see both addresses reflected (the link-local
and the network wide address). The name resolution seem to pick
addresses in the order of arrival trough avahi deamon.

 - Did I should use avahi API in my client (rather than libc
getaddrinfo) and filter any name resolution (if that even possible to
get every addresses of the host)?
 - Did I should (if that even possible) disable link-local addresses
support at all in avahi ?
 - Did I should patch avahi make reflector to filter link-local addresses?

Thanks all, and sorry for my bad english,
François-Xavier Bourlet

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