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Sorry for the repost, I received no responses to this last month and
wanted to see if anyone had any insight:

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I'm having problems browsing for services with the Bonjour compatibility
layer.  My application (simple as it may be) needs to detect other
services of its kind on startup.  I call DNSServiceBrowse() with my
regtype, get the socket for the browse service, and perform select() on
it with a timeout of 2 seconds.

In Windows with Bonjour, this works fine.  select() indicates that the
socket has data and I call DNSServiceProcessResult() on it to collect
the information.  But in Ubuntu using Avahi, it's as if the
mDNSResponder (or Avahi equivalent) is not responding.  select() just
times out.  Even if I increase the timeout to 30 seconds, or try to
browse for "_ipp._tcp" services (we have a dozen printers), I get no
response from the browse socket.

However, if I run avahi-discover, I see the other instance of the
service along with all our printers.  Everything appears to be operating

I'm using the compatibility layer because we'd like to run under Linux,
but our primary target is Windows and thus Bonjour.  It seems like
overkill at the moment to code up an interface for both APIs.

I'm assuming (based on the fact that I'm running Ubuntu 9.10 and based
on the results from avahi-discover) that the DNS server is in fact
running and all required Avahi components are in place.  What am I
overlooking here?


Joshua Foster





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