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Thu Jan 7 06:46:40 PST 2010

I have switched to BATMAN advanced which runs on layer 2.  However I am
still not seeing the avahi services across the hop.  If all my nodes are
within range of each other, I do see all the services.  But as soon as I
move one out of range so that it needs to use another node as a hop, I lose
the services even though the node that is providing the hop sees the
services from all the other nodes.

Its weird because with BATMAN advanced, it says it runs at layer 2 so your
ethernet communications should be transparent.  Does this make sense that it
still is not working?

I don't really have any gateways in my network.  But I suppose the hop node
works as one.  However in an ad-hoc network there is no way to tell if you
are going to be the hop or not.  What would the consequences of
enabling enable-reflector=y
on all nodes be in an ad-hoc network?


> I have avahi running on 3 nodes in an ad-hoc network running over
> > B.A.T.M.A.N.  I have a center node that provides a hop between 2 end
> > nodes.  I can ping each of the node from any of the other nodes as
> well
> > as ssh into each of them as well so I know the network is well
> > established over the BATMAN daemon.  The center node can see the
> > published avahi services of each end but the 2 end nodes can not see
> the
> > avahi services of the other ends.  Is there some special configuration
> > needed to get avahi to browse or publish over the hop?
> >
> > Has anyone ever configured avahi over an ad-hoc network that requires
> a
> > link routing protocol like BATMAN?
> I am not sure on which level BATMAN operates. If it works on the
> ethernet level and provides correct mcast routing for link-local mcast
> groups then Avahi should work just fine.
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