[avahi] hosts with multiple names

Jeff Koftinoff jeffk at jdkoftinoff.com
Mon Mar 15 18:11:03 PDT 2010

I want to use avahi in an embedded device. I'd like for avahi to advertise the device's manufacturer name and serial number as the host name of the device.  I also want the user to be able to enter in an alias for this device's host name. I want the device to be discoverable by both host names even though they would resolve to the same IP address.

For instance, ACME Inc.,  has a device model number SX194J and the device's serial number is 3428472.  The device would always be accessible via the host name:

The user purchases the device and via the front panel, enters in the alias name: 'camera-front-door'

Now the device is also accessible as:
and it will still be accessible as:

I want this because the name with the embedded serial number is easy to match with a label on the device, and the user friendly name is relevant to the user - until it isn't, for instance the device is disconnected as re-sold.	

How do I configure avahi to do this?

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