[avahi] Only IPv6 services are visible

Marc Heerdink marc.heerdink at gmail.com
Sat Mar 20 04:25:25 PDT 2010

Hi all,

Thanks for all your suggestions. Adding "publish-a-on-ipv6=yes" (the other
options were already as suggested by Phil) fixed the problem of the IPv4
lookups, although - if I understand correctly - the IPv4 lookup is now
performed via an IPv6 broadcast rather than the IPv4 broadcast that normally
should work.

Regarding a firewall as a possible cause: This is, afaik, not likely because
I'm not using any on the local network. Of course, there's one running on
the router, but only for the external interface. The avahi-daemon.conf is a
more likely cause, but I'm using the stock Gentoo versions (which is, I
believe, an unmodified version from the avahi package), only with the
publish-a-on-ipv6 option. Furthermore, the configuration on all three
machines I've tested is identical and only one of them, the htpc, has
invisible IPv4 services.

Yesterday, I was finally able to test with a second cable. Having connected
both the laptop and the htpc via cable, the laptop was sometimes able to
detect the IPv4 services on the htpc, and sometimes not. There was no change
for the second laptop, however, which was still unable to detect anything
IPv4 related on the htpc. Although this combination of findings is a bit
puzzling, I am more and more suspecting the router of doing something bad to
IPv4 broadcast packages on the wired interface. In any way, I'm more or less
convinced that it's not avahi that's causing the problems, so that makes my
problems irrelevant to this mailing list :) I hope they will be gone when I
upgrade my internet connection and get a new router from a different brand.

Thanks for all the input!


2010/3/19 Lennart Poettering <lennart at poettering.net>

> On Fri, 12.03.10 01:09, Marc Heerdink (marc.heerdink at gmail.com) wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > First of all, thanks for the great tool that Avahi seems to be.
> > Unfortunately, it isn't being so great for me so far, which is why I'm
> > mailing. I'm trying to set up Avahi in my local network, using
> > (currently) just two computers, a HTPC and a laptop. Both of them are
> > running very recent installations of Gentoo, using the latest stable
> > packages and Avahi 0.6.25. The only difference is that the laptop
> > version is compiled with mono support and the HTPC version not, but I
> > suspect that isn't causing my issues.
> >
> > Basically, the problem is that only the IPv6 services on the HTPC are
> > visible to the laptop, while I'd like to use the IPv4 version (eg XBMC
> > web server, SSH), The HTPC, on the other hand, can sometimes 'see' the
> > IPv4 services on the Laptop and sometimes not. To either computer, all
> > local (IPv4 & IPv6) and IPv6 services of the other computer are always
> > visible. For example:
> Sounds as if you either have a firewall running that blocks mcast
> traffic, or that you have set up /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf in a weird
> way (see avahi-daemon.conf(5)) for more information.
> Lennart
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