[avahi] problems with two interface setup

Alexey Fisher bug-track at fisher-privat.net
Tue Mar 8 23:36:46 PST 2011

Am Mittwoch, den 09.03.2011, 00:00 +0100 schrieb Lennart Poettering:
> On Sat, 05.03.11 15:08, Alexey Fisher (bug-track at fisher-privat.net) wrote:
> > Hallo all,
> > 
> > i try to track down one avahi/empathy problem which i have with ubuntu
> > nutty setup on my netbook. Empathy stops to update salut status after
> > switching lan to wlan. I don not know where is the problem, on empathy
> > or avahi site. 
> > 
> > Usually it satrt as fallow:
> > boot, eth0 up, avahi announce eth0,
> > gdm login, epathy, _presence_tcp announce on eth0, wlan0 up (same
> > network as eth0)
> > 
> > after i switch eth0 off (pull off the cable), avahi stops announcing
> > _presence_tcp, or at least do not re announce it on other interface/ip,
> > even if empaty is listening on wlan0 too. I can force and send directly
> > salut/xmmp message to emapty for testing, so the problem should be on
> > avahi part.
> > 
> > Your thoughts?
> If wait for a while, does the problem fix itself?

This question sound sarcastic, but it is probably not what you mean :D 

No, the problem do not fix itself. Even if i wait one day.

> I presume the wlan and the cable ethernet are the same network actually?


Here is one test, i have one PC (lan only) and netbook (wlan + lan). In
one hour after removing lan and run "avahi-browse -arc":
- PC list _workstation at netbook, but no _presence at netbook. I guess it
reached TTL and was removed from the cache.
- netbook list _workstation at PC and _presence at PC, but it can't resolve
_presence even for itself _presence at netbook (it can resolve


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