[avahi] Looking for help/advice

Robert Schweikert rschweikert at novell.com
Mon May 9 12:26:46 PDT 2011


Trying again to find some help.

I would like to automate certain tasks for machine configuration in a 
cluster setup. One example of this automatic setup would be setting up 
and NFS mount. Basically the head node of the cluster gets installed and 
manually configured. Then I'd like to run some kind of service on the 
head node and when a cluster node gets installed, upon firstboot some 
client code runs to find the service running on the head node. Then gets 
the IP address from the head node and the path for the NFS share it exports.

Is Avahi, the proper tool for the job?

How would I go about implementing something like this?

I found the publish example in Python, 
http://avahi.org/wiki/PythonPublishExample, but after looking at the 
code it is not obvious to me how data is passed from the publisher to 
the client. Further, I have not found a howto that shows the verious 
steps I would need to follow.

Help is much appreciated.


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