[avahi] Announce LinkLocal Adresses only?

Gregor Glashüttner gregor.glashuettner at unwired.at
Fri Mar 2 05:22:34 PST 2012

Dear avahi developers,

we have remotely configured devices (they fetch changes to their network
config from a centralized location), if they can?t reach a certain
server for some time i?d like to add a link-local ip to their interface
by avahi-autoipd and start a webinterface where they can be reconfigured
by a local admin. I don?t want to remove the configured static ip from
the interface since i can?t reliably determine if the configuration is
wrong or the server can?t be reached for some other reason, so they are
supposed to keep trying to connect.
I found
where Lennart says that "Avahi will take the first public IP address it
finds for each interface", but i can see (using avahi-daemon --debug or
tcpdump) that avahi publishes both IP addresses of the interface. This
leads to unreliable behaviour on the client side, which sometimes
resolves the hostname to the link-local address, but sometimes to the
statically configured IP address, which can?t be reached by the local
admin using a link-local address. Is there a way to only publich the
link-local address? I found nothing in the manpages, so i guess it can?t
be done, but thought i?d ask anyway...

Best regards
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