[avahi] The reflector option in networks with loops

David Dyja d.dyja at student.ulg.ac.be
Wed Mar 14 10:26:20 PDT 2012


2012/3/13 David Dyja <d.dyja at student.ulg.ac.be>

> Hello,
> I'm doing some testing in a network with multiple routers and loops.
> In the simplest form, I have three routers connected in a triangle running
> Avahi with the "reflector" option activated.
> Everything seems to be working fine, the hosts connected to the three
> subnets see each other just fine and there is no packet storm due to the
> loop.
> My question to the developpers is why isn't there a problem? since the
> reflector just forwards the multicast packets and changes the source
> address the queries should loop infinitetly, right?
> So is there a mechanism to stop the packet storm so it's ok to use the
> reflector option in looped networks, or it should be avoided?
> Kind regards,
> David Dyja
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