[avahi] Allow same host name for multiple devices

Benjamin Wöster benjamin.woester at gmail.com
Sat May 25 12:22:53 PDT 2013

Hi all,

I'm trying to build an ad-hoc network with multiple devices that all
run a webserver providing webpages that serve as a configuration
interface. Idea is, someone can access adhoc-config.local in his
browser, which is resolved to one of the available IPs and is
presented the gui.

According to RFC 6762 page 6, I thought such operation should be possible:

"The Multicast DNS protocol allows hosts to verify and maintain unique
names for resource records where that behavior is desired, and it also
allows hosts to maintain multiple resource records with a single
shared name where that behavior is desired."

Is this implemented in avahi? I couldn't find an option to disable
duplicate hostname resolution (avahi always appends "-2", "-3", ...).

If it is not possible to use the same host name for different devices
at the same time, is there some sort of signal that tells remaining
devices in the network "adhoc-config.local" just left the network? So
they can react to it and reset their hostname?

Best regards,
Benjamin Wöster

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