[avahi] Can't see ALL services using avahi-browse --all option

Ashwin Vasani vasani.ashwin at gmail.com
Thu Oct 10 01:20:07 PDT 2013

Hi all,

I have a query related to avahi-browse. I have an embedded wifi device
which publishes service of type _http._tcp.local.  This embedded device has
two interfaces: 1) Micro AP interface
2) Station Interface. This service is published on both the interface.

1) On Mircro AP interface:
I am trying to resolve this service using avahi-tools.

I could able to resolve this service using "avahi-browse -r _http._tcp",

But using "avahi-browse --all", this is not resolved at all.

Below is the definition of --all option which says it will resolve all
service irrespective of all type. Then I think _http._tcp should also be

$ avahi-browse --help
avahi-browse [options] <service type>
avahi-browse [options] -a
avahi-browse [options] -D
avahi-browse [options] -b

    -h --help            Show this help
    -V --version         Show version
    -D --browse-domains  Browse for browsing domains instead of services
    -a --all             Show all services, regardless of the type
    -d --domain=DOMAIN   The domain to browse in
    -v --verbose         Enable verbose mode
    -t --terminate       Terminate after dumping a more or less complete
    -c --cache           Terminate after dumping all entries from the cache
    -l --ignore-local    Ignore local services
    -r --resolve         Resolve services found
    -f --no-fail         Don't fail if the daemon is not available
    -p --parsable        Output in parsable format
    -k --no-db-lookup    Don't lookup service types
    -b --dump-db         Dump service type database

Further, I also added dns-sd entry in the service type which is published
by embedded device. This dns-sd entry points to (PTR) to _http._tcp record.
I added this record by seeing packet structure from the service published
by "avahi-publish" which sends such entry with the answer.
Inspite of this, I am not able to resolve this service.

In addition to above, I can't see any initial packets sent by "avahi-browse
-a" option which shouldn't be the case as resolver can't send packets
without any questions from the querier. Is there is something exception to
the rule here? or have I mis-interpreted the protocol ?

2) On Station Interface, behavior is something different.
Station interface is connected to Access Point(AP) which is connected to
network backbone. Here, using "avahi-browse -a" can resolve _http._tcp
service published by embedded device. Here there is lots of mDNS traffic
unlike in MicroAP interface.
But after removing Backbone network from AP, "avahi-browse -a" couldn't
resolve this service.

This issues is now in critical stage after latest IOS upgrade. I found that
the implementation of their BonjourDump app is some what similar to
"avahi-browse -a". But with the older OS, I can see the services.

Can anyone help me out? I can also provide more info if required.

Thanks in advance :-)

With Regards,
Ashwin Vasani
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