[avahi] [PATCH] a partial win32 port (#123)

Tomasz Wasilczyk twasilczyk at pidgin.im
Wed Apr 23 18:13:50 PDT 2014


as I mentioned on IRC, I've done some work for win32 port of avahi. 
(Un)fortunately, I have managed to find an easier solution, so I don't 
need it anymore. But some work has been done and it would be a loss if I 
just put this code into a trash.

So far, the client library seems to work, but the messaging service does 
not. It does not even build, because of lack of libdaemon for win32. I 
guess there is a need to register a win32 service, I don't know.

Please note, that the patch needs some improvements even in the areas 
which already works. There are missing "#ifdef _WIN32" in few places, 
some copy-pastes (like pipe implementation, got from libpurple). 
Generally, it still needs a lot of work to be done and requires a good 
code review. But you could integrate at least some of those changes to 
make win32 porting easier for a later time.

I'm sending a mingw opensuse package, to be easily build using OBS 
service. A patch is here. The package producess the following dlls: 
libavahi-client-3.dll, libavahi-gobject-0.dll, libavahi-common-3.dll, 
libavahi-core-7.dll, libavahi-glib-1.dll, libdns_sd-1.dll.

Feel free to attach this package definition and patches to the #123 
ticket, as soon as you get Trac working again.

Good luck!

Tomek Wasilczyk
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