[avahi] Receive mDNS annoucnements

Michael Jones avahi at jonesmz.com
Wed Nov 26 13:58:33 PST 2014

> I'm not able to get a record browser doing what I want. I have
> modified client-browse-services.c to make a record browser instead of a
> service browser.
> avahi_record_browser_new(client, AVAHI_IF_UNSPEC, AVAHI_PROTO_UNSPEC,
> "BRN30055C232008.local", AVAHI_DNS_CLASS_IN, AVAHI_DNS_TYPE_A, 0,
> browse_callback, client)
> I know my printer BRN30055C232008.local is making DNS A announcements
> because I can see them in Wireshark. However I just get CACHE_EXHAUSTED
> then seg fault. I've tried different host names with and without the domain
> and sometimes that will get CACHE_EXHAUSTED, ALL_FOR_NOW instead of seg
> fault. I've also tried the hostnames with and without the domain of various
> Apple devices I know are making DNS A announcements.
> I know that my printer is also making _http._tcp service announcements as
> "Brother DCP-8011DN". If I pass "Brother DCP-8011DN" as the host name then
> That's the closest I get to an outcome. It's worrying because I don't only
> want to get the DNS A records of hosts that also advertise services, I just
> want to grab (preferably all) DNS A records that the daemon has in memory.
> Regards,
> Jonathan

Do you have the code on github, or some other project management site?
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