[avahi] Enumerate domain on "search" domain from resolv.conf

Petit.Theoris Thomas t.petit.theoris at neopost.com
Thu Oct 30 11:41:04 PDT 2014


When I browse for browsing domain(AVAHI_DOMAIN_BROWSER_BROWSE) avahi keep only browsing on "local" domain and never try to browse on domain in my resolv.conf. Is there a way to make avahi automatically pick up search domain as defined in resolv.conf ?

avahi-daemon.conf is default configuration.
My linux is configured to have dynamic IP and I got the correct DNS server and domain name in  /etc/resolv.conf

nameserver 10.38.xx.xx
search my.domain.com

Also I have the correct b._dns-sd._udp and lb._dns-sd._udp entries in my DNS record.
But when I try avahi-browse-domains (no parameter), avahi  keep only querying the "local" domain :

DNS Standard query 0x4a3e PTR b._dns-sd._udp.local

I would expect  to try every "search" domain in resolv.conf and then try local.
For example, I tried bonjour on windows and it pick up the domain automatically :

DNS Standard query 0x4a3e PTR b._dns-sd._udp.my.domain.com

The end goal is to have an infrastructure with complete zero-configuration for client side.
DHCP give DNS and domain, then client enumerate domain and then browse for service.

Thomas Petit
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