[avahi] avahi-core + avahi-qt4 bug?

Jonathan Bagg jbagg at lenbrook.com
Mon Aug 3 06:34:33 PDT 2015

When I change core-publish-service.c to use an AvahiPoll from 
avahi_qt_poll_get() I get the error

timeeventq.c: Strange, expiration_event() called, but nothing really 

repeated many times per second.  The callbacks appear to work.  Is this 
a bug or is avahi-core not compatible with avahi-qt4?

core-publish-service.c has minimal changes to compile as a Qt app using 
avahi_qt_poll_get().  Tar of the changed core-publish-service.c with 
.pro file attached.  Just type qmake then make to build.  Also patch 
file attached that shows the changes.

Jonathan Bagg
Embedded Systems Developer
NAD Electronics | Lenbrook Industries Limited
633 Granite Court, Pickering, Ontario, Canada L1W 3K1 | 905-831-0799 ext 4478 | http://www.nadelectronics.com

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